Changing an Established Name: A How-to Guide on Properly Changing the Name of Another Being or Entity.


The first thing you’ll want to do when renaming a being is to establish a desired name, saying it many times in your head before speaking it aloud. Make sure it feels good, imagine the look of joy on your new friend’s face when they hear their true name spoken. Mind you, this guide is not specifically geared toward human entities. For a focused guide on changing the name of a human being, go to

Once you’ve established the name in your own mind, and have spoken it aloud, say it many times within the span of a few seconds. The being or entity should have a notably confused look and will likely be breathing heavier than usual. This is good, the heavy breathing indicates memories of the brain escaping as vapor. (Think of it like a motorvehicle, that is what the body is, after all.) Don’t breathe it in! Doing so will reset their name in YOUR mind.
As their old name flows out as smog from an exhaust pipe, suggest a mindless menial task beneficial to none, addressing them with their new (true) name. Whether or not they complete their given task is inconsequential. They know their name. Congratulations, Name-Master.

-Nevin’s Ghost.

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